We specialize in providing comprehensive legal services to companies, partnerships, local government institutions, as well as other business and legal entities. We seek to thoroughly understand each client's unique business model and other key considerations. Because of our personalized approach, we deliver tailored solutions, targeting clearly defined goals.

We provide a full range of legal advice and counseling. Our corporate services comprise, among other things:

  • representation before courts, government institutions, and other enforcement authorities;
  • advice on entity selection for specific economic activities or business types, alternative business structures, and compliance and documentation;
  • contract preparation, as well as the drafting of corporate resolutions, minutes, and any other corporate documents;
  • contract fulfillment and debt collection;
  • assistance with shareholders' meetings;
  • registration and dissolution of companies and partnerships.

Our capabilities include management training on issues such as contract negotiations, as well as other key corporate matters. We work closely with tax advisors, patent attorneys, notaries and bailiffs.

We provide legal services in numerous subject areas, including civil, economic, commercial, labor, intellectual property, competition, antitrust, public procurement, building regulation, tax, as well as criminal law.

Our fees are always negotiated prior to undertaking the representation and are based on the complexity of the case. Whenever feasible, we can provide fixed fee arrangements to our clients.


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